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Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medicine (PGDEM)

        Considering the rising demand and need of trained emergency physicians and technicians throughout the country, the department of Accident and  Emergency medicine has been successfully continuing the Third year of Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medicine (PGDEM), the only such course in the country,  affiliated by George Washington University,USA and Indian Medical Association CGP(IMACGP)

Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM)

        The department of A&EM of MMHRC has been constantly making an effort to contribute and strengthen Emergency Medicine both in academic and in practice. MMHRC has been recognized as a premier institute to undertake the prestigious academic program Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM) by George Washington University, USA from academic year 2014-15.

B.Sc (Accident and Emergency Care Technology

        B.Sc (Accident and Emergency Care and Technology) is a 3 years course affiliated by Dr.M.G.R University for students completing 12th . Just not to make it another vocation, enrollment of youths especially girls from low  socio-economic background in this course has been ensured. This was thought to keep in mind the profession largely persuade by girls in Tamilnadu which would    give them a dignified life with economically empowered. Both the courses have been evaluated by the respective Universities by their guidelines and processes. This course prepares trained, competent emergency medical technician to work in hospital as well as in the ambulance

National Conference – PACE 2012  :

        The effort to fulfill the vision of the Department to be a national model for the development of emergency medicine with the integration of international standards, diversified training and learning activities for a wide range of healthcare professionals. The department of Accident and Emergency Medicine organized the first ever National Conference on Emergency & Critical Care, PACE 2012 ( Programme on Advances in Critical care & Emergency), the Fourth Annual National conference of Emergency Physicians of India (EPI) accredited by the Society of Emergency Medicine in India (SEMI).

Social Awareness :

        Besides academic initiatives, the Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine has been actively involved in raising awareness on Emergency care and First Aid. It has been associated with various Medical colleges, institutes across South Tamilnadu to train General Physicians, nursing and paramedic staff on Emergency and trauma care. The department has also been associated with Red Cross Society to raise public awareness on  Drug abuse and with Department of Police to commemorate First Aid Day by educating the mass.

        When we can provide access to education and healthcare to billions of people around the world, we can create scalable, sustainable change. Considering the growing population and increasing untimely death due to lack of emergency care, it is very depressing to know that we do not have enough trained health care professionals to fill these gap, eventually leading to a rise in the number of life lost. At present the department of A &EM has adequate number of skilled professionals and also supported by required financial and technical resources to ensure sustainability. To replicate the initiative in other healthcare settings it is essential to establish the Emergency department with necessary medical equipments, technology, and sufficient number of trained professionals, followed by initiating the courses and training programs on Emergency Medicine to develop a pool of trained professionals. This would not only generate employment opportunity but also will produce skilled human resources who can save many lives. This is the absolute need of the hour.

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