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Ebola Virus

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family, Protect Your Community from the EBOLA Virus.

Do :

  • Always wash your hands with soap,
  • Always cook your food Properly,
  • Go to health facility anytime you have head ache,fever,pain,diarrhea,red eye rash and vomiting,
  • Tell everyone you meet about ebola so they can be informed,


Do not :

  • Do not touch people with signs of ebola or have died of ebola,
  • Do not touch clothes&bed clothes of people who died of ebola,
  • Do not touch vomit,salaiva,urine,blood and poo fo people who have signs and symptoms of ebola,
  • Do not play with monkey and baboons,
  • Do not eat bush meat,
  • Do not eat plums eaten by bats.

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Emergency Contact :

0452 - 2581212

, Ambulance Number :